The Editorial board of the scientific journal "Animal Biology" accepts manuscripts that meet the journal's profile and requirements for the design of articles. The manuscript is checked for plagiarism. Articles with plagiarism and non-original text are not accepted for publication.
The manuscript undergoes the single-blind review by two reviewers. The interaction between the author and the reviewers is fulfilled through the secretary of the journal. After receiving the article the reviewer within 20 days shall review the materials and submit a review and conclusion in accordance with the prescribed form:

 recommended for publication;

recommended for publication after revision of the article by the author taking into account the reviewer's notes;

not recommended for publication.

If the author does not agree with the opinion of the reviewer he or she has the right to submit a reasoned answer to the Editorial board, which will be considered at the meeting of the Editorial board.

The Editorial board has the right to reject the article in case of the author's inability or unwillingness to consider the comments of the reviewers, or may refer the article for additional or new review to another reviewer.

The date of acceptance of the article is considered the date of receipt of the positive decision of the reviewers.

The final decision to publish the articles is carried out by the Editorial board and approved by the Scientific Council of the Institute of Animal Biology. The author is informed about the expected date of publication. In some cases, by the decision of the Editorial board and in agreement with the reviewers, the article may be published extraordinary in the nearest issue of the journal.


The Editorial board decides on the publication based on the journal policy and also based on the academic values and conclusions of the reviewers. The editorial staff evaluates the manuscripts regardless of previous merit, race, origin, gender, religion, or nationality of the authors.The editorial staff of the journal ensures that personal data (other than that which is publicly provided in the article) will only be used for internal editorial purposes and will not be shared to outsiders.The editorial staff reserves the right to make stylistic corrections or minor literary editing of the texts and to preserve the author's style. The author and Editorial board agrees the notes which may affect the content of the text.The Editorial board has the right to refuse to publish the article in case of non-compliance with the editorial requirements.Accepted materials are non-returnable and cannot be published in other scientific journals.
In cases of plagiarism, only the authors are responsible.


The journal's editorial policy is based on the principles of objectivity in the selection of articles for publication; high requirements for the quality of scientific research; obligate peer review; collegiality in decision regarding publication; fast and friendly communication with authors; strict observance of copyright and related rights.
 Animal Biology follows the publishing ethics based on COPE standards to ensure the quality of the publication.


The authors are responsible for the originality of the text of the scientific article, for the accuracy of the facts, citations, statistics, proper names and other information, as well as for the fact that the materials do not disclose non-public information.
When an author discovers an error or inaccuracy in his or her published work, he or she must immediately notify the editor of the journal or publisher and cooperate with the editor to reject or correct the article.
Neither the editors nor the Editorial board is responsible for the views, and content of the manuscripts published in the journal. The originality, correction of errors are the responsibility of the individual authors.
Duties and rights of reviewers:
Any manuscripts and supplementary materials received for review should be treated as confidential documents. They cannot be displayed or discussed with third persons.
A reviewer who is aware in advance of the lack of review time or of facts that make it impossible to review at the appointed time must notify the editor and refuse the review process.
The materials are reviewed on the principle of objectivity and the highest international academic quality standards. Reviewers should clearly and reasonably express their views on conflicting points. Personal criticism when reviewing is inadmissible.


The Scientific Journal of Animal Biology is an open-access publication: it is free to view, read, download and print all published materials. The Editorial board shares the principles of free dissemination of scientific information and global knowledge for social progress. Access to the electronic content of the journal is possible as soon as the paper is published.


Materials published in the Scientific Journal of Animal Biology are distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY), which stipulates that readers are permitted to distribute information provided:

citation with correct indication of the authorship of the article;

entering data on the publishing house and place of publication;

if the work is partially reproduced, this should be clearly stated. For more information, visit Creative Commons.

 If the article is rejected, the agreement automatically loses its validity. Signing the agreement by the author (s) means that he/she (they) are familiar with terms of the agreement.


Publication in the scientific journal "Animal Biology"  - 60 UAH per page of text + 70 UAH for assignment to DOI. 






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