BT 2018 20 3 Bìol. Tvarin. 2018; 20 (3)

The Animal Biology, Vol. 20, no. 3, 2018 



Gavrilin P. M., Gibert I. I.
Peculiarities of the macro-microscopic structure of functional segments of lymphatic nodes parenchyma in meat-producing rabbits. Page 9–15

Dychok A. Z., Lesyk Ya. V., Tsap M. M.
The resistance of rabbit organism for the effect of sulfur complex. Page 16–23

Dunets V. Y., Slivinska L. G.
The functional condition of the liver in laying hens under hepatosis. Page 24–29

Iskra R., Klymets H., Sushko O., Ponkalo L., Svarchevska O.
The condition of the prooxidant-antioxidant system in skeletal muscles of experimentally diabetic rats under vanadium citrate effect. Page 30–36

Koleshchuk O. I., Kovalchuk I. I., Tsap M. M., Khrabko M. I.
Influence of different nickel citrate doses on immunobiological parameters and antioxidant protection system of cows. Page 37–42

Kornyat S. B.
Significance of mammals sperm plasma proteins for maintaining of spermatozoa viability and preservation of fertilizing ability. Page 43–54

Lobachova I. V., Ivanyna O. V.
Indices of renewal of ewe sexual activity and its correlation with age, weight, traditional reproductive traits and climatic conditions. Page 55–68

Mustapha M. K.
Water quality considerations for the culture of tropical edible frog (Hoplobatrachus occipitalis) from tadpole stage to full metamorphosis. Page 69–76

Pervushina О. А., Denysova O. N., Gegunov G. F., Gladka N. I., Prichodchenko V. O., 
Yakimenko T. I.

Transfusion of canine cryopreserved red blood cells in treatment of babesiosis. Page 77–83

Romaniv L. I., Kovalchuk I. I., Pashchenko A. G., Fedoruk R. S.
Content of lipids in tissues of the melliferous bees additional fed with soybean meal, sugar syrup and citrates of Co and Ni. Page 84–92

Proceedings of The International Scientific and Practical Conference
“Actual Problems of Biology, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine”
(October 4–5, 2018, Lviv, Ukraine). Page 93–178