BT 2023 25 2

Bìol. Tvarin. 2024; 26 (1)

DOI: 10.15407/animbiol26.01

The Animal Biology, vol. 26, no. 1, 2024





Ruban S. Y., Danshyn V. O.
Feed efficiency of dairy cattle as genetic trait Page 3-10 (English)

Experimental works

Akshatha G., Bheemanna M., Hanchinal S. G., Prabhuraj A.,Haveri R. V., Nidagundi J. M., Lakshmikanth M.
Studies on the response of normal and irradiated pink bollworm males towards pheromone source Page 11-16 (English)

Kurtjak B. M., Shevchuk V. M., Suchomlin K. B., Vishchur O. I., Solovei L. M., Romanovich M. S., Rudenko O. P.
Peculiarities of epizootological surveillance and control of mycobacteriosis of productive animals in the conditions of dairy farms of Ukraine Page 17-23 (Ukrainian)

Stapay P. V., Buslyk T. V., Mykhaliuk V. V., Stakhiv N. P., Smolyaninova O. O., Nevostruyeva I. V., Sachko R. G., Skorokhid А. А., Pakholkiv N. I.
The ratio of structural proteins in the wool of sheep of different breeds and with different categories of fibers depending on the zones of their breeding Page 24-28 (Ukrainian)

Kozyr V., Krasnorutsky O., Rudenko Ye., Denysuik O., Oliynyk S.
Evolutionary changes of the Gray Ukrainian breed Page 29-39 (Ukrainian)

Partsei Kh. Yu., Ersteniuk H. M.
The study of hemoglobin forms under the conditions of energy drink consumption Page 40-44 (Ukrainian)