Bìol. Tvarin. 2020; 22 (3): 8–10.

Petro Lahodyuk — Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Academician of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, Honourable Man of Science and Technology of Ukraine (1924–1994)

I. B. Ratych

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Institute of Animal Biology NAAS,
38 Vasyl Stus str., Lviv, 79034, Ukraine

Petro Lahodyuk is the Doctor of Biological Sciences, professor, Academician of NAAS, Honourable Man of Science and Technology of Ukraine. Academician Lahodyuk was a leading researcher of animal lactation physiology. He contributed greatly into research on fraction composition and antigene properties of soluble proteins in mammary gland of open heifers, heifers and lactating cows, open and pregnant cows, compared their immune and chemical properties with milk and blood serum proteins, researched amino acidic and peptoid content of albumins in mammary gland tissues and blood serum of open heifers, heifers and cows, established the role of alveolar epithelium, excretory ducts and milk ducts in creating milk serum proteins, studied the role of a number of hormones in milk formation processes regulation, in particular regulation of milk and blood serum protein biosynthesis.

Key words: Lahodyuk P. Z., lactation physiology, milk proteins, blood proteins, amino acids, cows, poultry

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