Bìol. Tvarin. 2020; 22 (3): 18–20.

Vadym Yanovych — Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor (1930–2011)

S. B. Kornyat

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nstitute of Animal Biology NAAS,
38 Vasyl Stus str., Lviv, 79034, Ukraine

A short essay on the biography and creative path of Vadym Yanovych to the 90th anniversary of his birth is presented. Due to his personal abilities and great perseverance and ability to work, the ability to unite around him scientists and specialists V. G. Yanovych became a famous organizer of biological and agricultural sciences, prepared a group of scientists and headed the school of physiologists and biochemists on individual animal development. Yanovych Vadym Heorhiyovych was born on December 16, 1930 in the village of Komarivka, Volodarsko-Volynsky (now Khoroshivsky) district, Zhytomyr region. From 1962 to 1965 he was a graduate student of the Laboratory of Age Physiology and Biochemistry of the Ukrainian Research Institute of Physiology and Biochemistry of Farm Animals. V. G. Yanovych research concerns the study of ontogenetic features of lipid, fatty acid and ketone body metabolism in organs and tissues of cattle and pigs; ontogenetic features of lipid and protein metabolism in the created cattle and pigs, development of scientific basic lipid nutrition pigs, cattle, poultry and fish; study of the regularity of quantitative use of amino acids in the synthesis of proteins, lipids, glucose, glycogen and energy processes in the tissues of cattle and rats, given the lipogenic role of amino acids in organs and tissues of animals.

Key words: Vadym Yanovych, metabolism, biochemistry, nutrition

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