BT 2021 23 1 Bìol. Tvarin. 2021; 23 (1)

The Animal Biology, Vol. 23, no. 1, 2021




Aуshpur О. Y., Mushtuk I. Y., Muzykina L. M., Tarasov O. A., Yermolenko О. М., Gumeniuk V. V., Derevyanko M. M.
The analysis of the condition of colostral immunity of sows after vaccination against porcine epidemic diarrhea virus. Page 3–6

Duda Y. V.
The effect of cysticercosis invasion on the protein metabolism and cellular immunity of rabbits. Page 7–11

Voloshchuk O. M., Luchyk T.V., Kopylchuk G. P.
Indicators of immunoreactivity in rats under conditions of different nutrition regimen. Page 12–17

Salyha N. O.
L-glutamic acid effect on changes in biochemical parameters of rats intoxicated by carbon tetrachloride. Page 18–22 

Коrnyat S., Sharan М., Оstapiv D., Коrbeckij А., Jaremchuk І., Аndrushko О.
Quality of deconserved bull sperm for the action of nanosuccinates Zn, Cu and Mn in the diluents. Page 23–29

Stronskyi I. Y., Simonov M. R., Stronskyi Y. S., Akymyshyn M. M.
The impact of stress on the quality of pork. Page 30–33

Karaman M. A.
Influence of Streptomyces levoris CNMN-Ac-01 on meat productivity and chemical parameters of rabbit meat. Page 34–37

Stapai P. V., Stakhiv N. P., Tkachuk V. M., Smolianinova O. O.
The relationship between structural lipids of sheep wool with its individual macrostructural components, chemical composition and physical indicators. Page 38–43


Ping Xu
Research progress on the dairy cow mastitis. Page 44–46