BT 2021 23 4

 Bìol. Tvarin. 2021; 23 (4)

The Animal Biology, Vol. 23, no. 4, 2021



Mushtuk I. Yu., Ayshpur O. Y., Yermolenko O. M., Tarasov O. A., Gumeniuk V. V.
Manifestation of proliferative enteropathy of pigs (ileitis) in pig farms of Ukraine (diagnostic monitoring). Page 3–7

Sakhatsky M., Osadcha Yu.
Realization of hens’ potential productivity under the influence of group size. Page 8–14

Borshch O. O., Ruban S. Yu., Borshch O. V., Fedorchenko M. M.
Influence of the use of air cooling means in easily assembled premises on the behavior and comfort of cows during high temperatures. Page 15–19

Tkachova I. V., Frolova A. A.
Genealogical lines in the Orlov Trotter breed horses of the Ukrainian part of the population. Page 20–26

Mitioglo I.
Beta-lactoglobulin (BLG) gene polymorphism in Ukrainian and foreign cows. Page 27–31

Karavan V. V, Kachmaryk D. Yu., Cherevatov V. F., Yazlovytska L. S.
Influence of wintering temperature on the state of the antioxidative system in Apis mellifera L.. Page 32–42

Ketsa O. V., Kapitanchuk I. Y.
Biochemical markers of hepatobiliary system functional state in rats under the action of laser irradiation and ω-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Page 43–48

Chorna I. V., Dronic G. V., Kulish V. I. 
Biochemical markers of the functional state of liver in blood serum of rats consuming glyphosate-resistant genetically modified soybean and herbicide “Roundup”. Page 49–53

Pîrlog A., Carapirea A., Darie G., Cibotaru E., Chiselița O.
The influence of biologically active preparations on the reproductive qualities of sows. Page 54–58

Dovhaniuk V. V., Rosalovsky V. P., Salyha Yu. T.
State of the antioxidant system in Danio rerio fish due to the chlorpyrifos intoxication. Page 59–65

Chechet O. N., Kovalenko V. L., Garkavenko T. O., Gorbatyuk O. I., Kozytska T. H. 
Efficiency of “Biolide” disinfectant working solutions for action on gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria. Page 66–72

Zakhariv O. Ya., Vudmaska I. V., Petruk A. P. 
Influence of Burshtyn thermal power plant emissions on sheep at different age. Page 73–77