BT 2022 24 3

Bìol. Tvarin. 2022; 24 (3)

DOI: 10.15407/animbiol24.03

The Animal Biology, vol. 24, no. 3, 2022





Budakva Ye. O.
Genetic diversity of modern lines of hybrid pigs based on variations in mitochondrial DNA sequence. pp. 3–13

Shtapenko O. V., Gevkan I. I., Syrvatka V. Y., Slyvchuk O. Y., Korbetska O. O., Kornyat S. B., Yaremchuk I. M.
Creation of combined stabilizing compositions to preserve the activity of gonadotropins in liquid form. pp. 14–17

Chechet O. M., Kovalenko V. L.
Research on fungicidal effect of “Diolide” disinfectant. pp. 18–21

Khalturin M. B.
Morphobiological characteristics of common pike (Esox lucius L.) in small reservoirs of complex purpose in Sumy and Kyiv regions. pp. 22–26

Ratych I., Hunchak A., Sirko Ya., Stefanyshyn O., Kyryliv B., Chomyk I.
Laying hens productivity and quality of eggs at changing the qualitative and quantitative composition of feed protein. pp. 27–32

Rudyk-Leuska N. Ya., Khyzhnyak M. I., Makarenko A. A., Leuskyi M. V.
The current state of the zooplankton in the Kakhovka reservoir. pp. 33–38

Palonko R. I.
Biochemical effect of the Biophosphomag medication on the biochemical blood indicators in rats under oxidative stress conditions. pp. 39–43

Review article

Sharan M. M., Salyha Yu. T.
The status and prospects of reproductive biotechnology application to increase productivity in cattle breeding. pp. 44–50

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