Bìol. Tvarin, 2016, Volume 18, Issue 3, pp. 36–45



O. S. Zhulinska, S. L. Drozd, S. V. Mohylnytska

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The M. F. Ivanov’s Institute of Animal Breeding in Steppe Region «Askania-Nova» –
National Scientific Selection Genetic Center of Sheep Breeding,

Soborna str., Askania-Nova, Chaplynskyi district, Kherson region, 75230,Ukraine

As the objects of research three flocks of Askanian Merino, Askanian Meat-Wool and Askanian Karakul sheep were used. The traditional indicators that characterize the reproductive function in the herd, namely, fertility, fecundity, number of born lambs per one hundred ewes, the part of stillbirths were studied. The dependence between these indicators and the total rainfall during May–October, essentially in wool and meet-wool sheep was detected. For the first time for researched herds the information about the part of animals with prolonged sexual cycle and premature births, the percentage of sheep showed heat at 2–5th weeks of pregnancy were received.The yearly dynamicsoftheseindexes was studied.

Indexes of total fertility and fertility in first, second, third and fourth sexual cycles are quite informative parameters to evaluate the readiness of stock to insemination, the correct time of the start of the mating campaign, skill technique of artificial insemination.

Survival of lambs in the 3rd–4th days of life in wool and meat-wool sheep was less than in hair (Karakul) ewes.

In Askanian Meat-Wool sheep with increasing fecundity rate over 140 % the death rate of lambs in the first 4 days grew 2 % on the average.

With the increase of weight of newborn lambs more than 8–8,7 % of the average for the breed the part of stillbirths increased 2–3 times.


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