Bìol. Tvarin, 2017, volume 19, issue 4, pp. 24–30


B. Ya. Kyryliv, A. V. Hunchak

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Institute of Animal Biology NAAS,
38 V. Stus str., Lviv 79034, Ukraine

Intensity of protein metabolism in chicken depends on many factors, including breed, age, physiological condition as well as balanced diet as far as nutrients and biologically active substances are concerned. At the same time, there is a difference between regeneration speed of certain proteins in organs and tissues, where de novo protein synthesis is happening. Consequently, it is necessary to study protein metabolism in young chicken of laying type if biologically active substances are used during critical stages of their growth and development for correction of metabolism disorders and intensification of feed nutrients transformation.

The article presents the results of study based on specific protein metabolism indices, transaminase and proteinase activity in liver and pancreas tissues, mucous membrane of the duodenum and proventriculus as well as gizzard lining in young cross High-sex Brown chicken during additional inclusion of sodium sulfate into the diet of 10-day chicken in the amount of 0.2% of feed weight and introduction of “Natuzym” polyenzyme preparation into the diet of 20- to 40-day and 80- to 110-day-old chicken. Birds in all groups were fed complete balanced diets according to nutrients requirements.

It is demonstrated that complex use of both additives promotes protein activity increase in mucous membranes of proventriculus and pancreas (P<0.05–0.001), which results in increase of chicken body weight during puberty and at the beginning of laying (90th and 100th day) by 8.3 % and 4% respectively. At the same time, 120-day-old chicken also displayed a tendency for proteolytic activity increase in other studied tissues.

Feeding of experimental groups chicken with mentioned additives did not cause expected changes in transamination enzyme activity in in 1-month-old chicken tissues, except pancreas, where alanine transaminase activity increased 1.24 times (P<0.05), as well as mucous membranes of the duodenum in which activity of aspartate transaminase increased by 4.59% (P<0.05), as compared to the control group.

Protein content in liver was higher than in pancreas, mucous membrane of duoudenum and proventriculus as well as gizzard lining, which is explained by functional capacities of these tissues.


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