Non-specific resistance of weaned piglets at different levels of zinc in the diet

R.Ja. Iskra1, I.M. Martynyschyn1, A. V. Trokoz2

1Institute of Animal BiologyNAAS,V. Stusa str. 38, 79034, Lviv, Ukraine

2National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine,

Heroyiv Oborony st., 15, Kyiv, 03041, Ukraine

Parameters of non-specific resistance weaned piglets with addition to their diet of various amounts of zinc sulfate were investigated. Studies have been done on pigs of large white breed. Zinc content in the fodder that animals fed the control, I, II, III, IV andV group were respectively 100 (as recommended by BSAS, 2003), 30 (available at feed), 60, 75, 120, 150 mg Zn2 +/kg, which is ensured by adding appropriate amounts to feed ZnSO4x7H2O. In the blood, which were obtained from the anterior vena cava in 42- (before weaning), 45- (the day of weaning), 50- and 55-day age piglets spent counting the number of leukocytes was determined phagocytic activity of neutrophils, including phagocytic index and phagocytic number, the contents of сirculating immune complexes.

It has been found that on the 5-th day after weaning piglets decreased the number of leukocytes and phagocytic activity and content of CICs in serum, due to the influence of stress. Feeding piglets feed containing zinc 30, 60, 75, 100, 120 and 150 mg/kg did not significantly affect the total number of white blood cells in their blood. Phagocytic activity of neutrophils in piglets 42 days of age III, IV andV experimental group was higher, and the 50-day age of the animals I and II research groups — lower than in the control group, indicating that direct relationship between the functional activity of neutrophils piglets and levels of zinc in their diet. The highest phagocytic activity of neutrophils in piglets as weaning and post- weaning of sows detected in consumption of feed containing 120 mg zinc/kg. Number of CICs in the blood of piglets 42, 50 and 55 days of age, mostly III, IV and V experimental group was significantly lower than in animals of the control group, which indicates that increase the reactivity of the immune system by increasing the amount of zinc in the fodder.

Keywords: zinc, piglets, non-specific resistance, leukocytes, phagocytic activity, circulating immune complexes

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