BT 2020 22 3Bìol. Tvarin. 2020; 22 (3)

The Animal Biology, Volume 22, no. 3, 2020



Ratych I. B.
Vasyl Holovach — Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor (1924–1987). Page 5-7

Ratych I. B.
Petro Lahodyuk — Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Academician of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, Honourable Man of Science and Technology of Ukraine (1924–1994). Page 8–10

Hunchak A. V.
Irynei Ratych — Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Member of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Page 11–14

Hunchak A. V.
Stanislav Payenok — Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor (1928–1994). Page 15–17

Kornyat S. B.
Vadym Yanovych — Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor (1930–2011). Page 18–20

Nevostruyeva І. V.
Life and Research of V. А. Charkin — scientist, father, grandfather. Page 21–23

Hunchak A. V.
Halyna Stojanovska — Candidate of Biological Sciences, Senior Researcher (1950–2020). Page 24–25

Stapay P. V., Stakhiv N. P., Smolyaninova O. O.
Historical essay on the Laboratory of biochemical fundamentals of wool formation. Page 26–31

Iskra R. Ya., Salyha N. O., Klymets H. V.
Historical development path of the Laboratory of biochemistry of adaptation and ontogenesis of animals. Page 32–34

Fedorovych E. I., Fedorovych V. V., Mazur N. P., Kuziv M. I., Kuziv N. M., Chokan T. V.
Laboratory of breeding and animal selection of animals — the important scientific department of the Institute. Page 35–40

Vishchur O. I., Smolyaninov K. B., Broda N. А., Mudrak D. І., Masyuk M. B., Matlakh І. Yo.
Scientific achievements of the Laboratory of immunology. Page 41–44

Kovalchuk I. I., Fedoruk R. S., Tsap M. M.
Main directions of research and achievements of the Laboratory of ecological physiology and product quality in 2000–2020. Page 45–52

Vlizlo V. V., Ostapiv D. D., Petrukh I. M., Kozak M. R., Kuzmina N. V., Martyn Yu. V.
Laboratory of molecular biology and clinical biochemistry, Institute of Animal Biology NAAS: the history and present state. Page 53–56

Sharan M. M.
Improvement and introduction of modern methods of reproductive biotechnology of sheep in the Institute of Animal Biology NAAS. Page 57–60