BT 2016 18 4
Bìol. Tvarin. 2016; 18 (4)

The Animal Biology, Vol. 18, no. 4, 2016




Birta G., Burgu Yu., Nazarenko V., Goryachova O.
Physical and chemical indices of subcutaneous lard in pigs of different direction performance


Vlasenko S., Rublenko M., Chernyshenko T., Gornitska O., Platonova T.
Characteristics of coagulation process in cows during the pregnancy and postpartum periods and in cows with postnatal and obstetrical pathology



Vudmaska I. V., Petruk A. P., Kolisnyk B. I.
Chemical composition and nutritional values of feed resources for deer



Gavrilin P., Oliyar A., Myrnyi O.
Peculiarities of morphogenesis of universal hematopoesis and immune protection in fetuses of domestic pig



Halat M. V., Shavanova K. Ye., Strilchuk M. B., Shpyrka N. F., Starodub M. F.
Efficiency of diagnostics of cattle toxoplasmosis with the help of the immune biosensor



Kambur M. D., Zamaziy A. A., Livoschenko E. M., Plyuta L. V., Pihtyrova A. V., Ostapenko S. V., Natyagluy O. N.
Influence of hypoxia on oxygen homeostasis and acid-base balance in the organism of the fetus and newborn animals



Kuziv M. I.
Duration and effectiveness of lifetime use of Ukrainian black and white dairy cows



Marounek M., Volek Z., Taubner T., Duškova D., Kalachniuk L., Tsvilikhovskyi D.
Effect of amidated alginate on cholesterol in serum, liver and faeces of rats fed fat and cholesterol-containing diet



Masiuk D., Kokarev A., Koliada S., Furda I., Baidaliuk V., Sytyuk N.
Analysis of results of serology monitoring of circovirus infection in swine in Ukraine for the period 2013–2015

Mikhaylenko E. A., Dyomshina O. O., Ushakova G. O., Griban V. G., Stepchenko L. M.
Influence of feed additive “Humilid” on protein and amino acid metabolism indicators in broiler chickens of Cobb 500 cross

Rudenko O. P., Vishchur O. I.
Seasonal and species features of peroxidation and activity of antioxidant defense system ensyme in carps



Sabat M. Y., Iskra R. Ya.
Kinetic parameters of inulinase and levanase activity of ram rumen bacteria under the influence of clinoptilolite

Sobko G. V.
Influence of drug “Antymast” on the T- and B-cells links of the immunity system of cows with subclinical form of mastitis



Tеrtychna O.
Formation of mites populations in poultry production

Fedets O. M., Kurliak I. M., Dankovych R. S.
Glutathione-related enzymes of liver and caecum of animals

Fotina T., Zazharska N.
Physical and chemical composition of goat and sheep milk depending on the altitude of grazing

Furmanevych M., Vishchur O., Smolyaninov K., Tomchuk V.
The influence of vitamin and mineral supplements on total lipids content and composition of their individual classes in the liver and skeletal muscles of carps of two years old age at the end of growing season

Proсeedings of the XV All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference of Young Scientists
“Young scientists in solution of actual problems of biology, animal husbandry and veterinary medicine”
(December 8–9, 2016, Lviv)