Usage of polyvinylalcohol and polyvinylpyrrolidone for preparion of thawed ejaculated boar sperm for fertilization by ICSI

O. Ju. Lyzohub

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Institute of Animal Breeding and Genetics nd. a. M.V.Zubets of NAAS,
Pogrebnyaka Str, 1, Chubynske, Kyiv Region, 08321, Ukraine

The aim of the study was to explore the effect of PVP (polyvinylpyrrolidone) and PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) media on deconserved ejaculated boar sperm and their preparation for artificial insemination to optimize biotechnological approaches. The studies used ejaculated cryopreserved sperm of a boar of the Myrhorod breed Dnipro 641. Genetic material was stored in the Bank of Genetic Resources of Animals IABG nnamed after M.V. Zubets NAAS for eight years. The sperm suspension was thawed in a water bath at +37 °C for 5 min until completely thawed. Separation of sperm from cryopreservative agent and diluent was performed using the swim up method in Sp-TALP medium. After the presence of sperm in the 10.0% solution of PVP for 10 min, motility decreased by 68.2% (P < 0.05) and amounted to 3.4%, and after the next 10 min of incubation decreased to 1.4% (P <0.01), which is 10 times lower than the initial mobility. In 10.0% of PVA mobility after 10 min of incubation decreased by 37.4% (P <0.05) and amounted to 6.7%, and after 10 min decreased to 5.7% (P < 0.01), which is 1.8 times lower than the initial mobility. It was found that in the case of 10.0% of PVP solution ejaculated deconserved boar sperm lose motility by 86.9% (P <0.01) from the initial motility, which makes it impossible to select a suitable sperm for fertilization by ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection). It is shown that 10.0% PVA solution can be used for immobilization of boar sperm, as it reduces motility by 46.7% (P <0.01) of the initial sperm motility. It is proved that the mobility in the case of incubation of deconserved ejaculated boar sperm in 5.0% PVA solution decreases only by 28.0% (P <0.05) from the initial, which is optimal when using cryopreserved boar sperm, material which are limited and convenient for the operator and safe for oocytes.

 Key words: ICSI, sperm motility, oocyte, polyvinylpyrrolidone, polyvinylalcohol, pig embryos






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