BT 2019 21 2Bìol. Tvarin. 2019; 21 (2)

The Animal Biology, Vol. 21, no. 2, 2019 

*Proceedings of the XIX Middle European Buiatrics Congress, 22–25 May, Lviv, Ukraine.



Aladrović J., Beer Ljubić B., Laškaj R., Vranković L., Lojkić M.
Antioxidative system of bovine follicles regarding stage of estrous cycle and folliculogenesis
. Page 7–10

Ali A., Hussein F., Mohamed E., Maher H.
Biophysical analysis of emanated pheromonal odor changes in cows using electronic nose technology. Page 11–15

Dolník M., Mudroňová D., Lazar G., Mudroň P.
Effect of selenium on oxidative stress and viability of the ram spermatozoa during the spermatogenesis. Page 16–20

Fodor I., Kern L., Varga-Balogh O. G., Gábor Gy., Ózsvári L.
The impact of twinning and stillbirth on reproductive and economic performance in large Hungarian dairy herds. Page 21–24

Hisira V., Klein R., Kadaši M., Pošivák J.
Relationship between somatic cell count and occurrence of intramammary pathogens in dairy cows. Page 25–28

Hodnik J. J., Starič J., Ježek J., Ocepek M., Toplak I., Knific T., Gunn G. J., Santman-Berends I., Correia-Gomes C.
Standardizing output-based surveillance to control non-regulated diseases of cattle in the EU (SOUND-control, cost action-CA17110). Page 29–31

Ivanyos D., Monostori A., Németh Cs., Fodor I., Ózsvári L.
Relationship between herd size, milking technology and milk production parameters on large-scale Hungarian dairy farms. Page 32–34

Kadaši M., Marčeková P., Slovák P., Hisira V., Mudroň P.
Surgical management of peroneal nerve paralysis in calf. Page 35–37

Kováč G., Konvičná J., Vargová M., Petrovič V., Vozár T.
Longevity of dairy cows — energy profile. Page 38–41

Marien H., Gundling N., Hasseler W., Feldmann M., Hennigsen G., Herzog K., Hoedemaker M.
Survey on the course of puerperium and on fertility after implementation of the iVET® birth monitoring system in heifers. Page 42–45

Mudroň P.
Effects of α-tocopherol and selenium injection on serum cortisol in dairy cows undergoing abdominal surgery. Page 46–49

Nagy O., Tóthová Cs., Mudroň P.
Selected acute phase proteins in dairy cows with chronic diarrhea caused by Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis. Page 50–53

Ózsvári L., Fodor I.
Evaluation of reproductive performance on large-scale Hungarian dairy farms. Page 54–57

Rauch E., Kürn T., Bernhart K., Reiter K., Erhard M.
Impact of ad libitum milk feeding regarding weight gain and behaviour of simmental calves. Page 58–60

Starke A., Snedec T., Theinert K., Pietsch F., Theile S., Leonhardt A.-S., Kretschmar A., Ebert F., Bannert E., Köller G., Schären M.
Herd health management in the transition period. Page 61–65

Tóth M., Khangembam R., Farkas R., Oláh J., Vass N., Monori I.
A case report: sheep endoparasitism dynamics under semi-dry continental climate of Karcag, Hungary. Page 66–69

Tóth Sz.
The effect of the quantity and quality of milk replacer intake on starter feed intake in Holstein calves. Page 70–72

Vranković L., Aladrović J., Pipal I., Beer Ljubić B., Prvanović Babić N., Stojević Z.
Quantitative insulin sensitivity check indexes in early postpartum cows and calves kept in a beef suckler system. Page 73–76

Abstracts of reports. XIX Middle-European Buiatrics Congress
(22–25 May 2019, Lviv, Ukraine)77–150