BT 2021 23 2Bìol. Tvarin. 2021; 23 (2)

The Animal Biology, Vol. 23, no. 2, 2021



Chepurna V. A., Suprovych T. M., Vishchur O. I., Mizik V. P., Solovodzinska I. Ye.
Influence of liposomal drug on the intensity of proteins oxide modification processes in subclinical mastitis of cows. Page 3–7

Kozyr V. S.
Innovative technology of obtaining organic marble beef. Page 8–11

Siabro A. S.
Prooxidant-antioxidant homeostasis and reproductive capacity of boars under the influence of copper citrate. Page 12–18

Osadcha Yu.
Diagnostic value of integrated immunohematological indices as markers of chronic stress in laying hens. Page 19–25 

Ryk T. M.
Endogenic retroviruses of PERV A/C in genome of Ukrainian pigs and their correlation with the level of fat in carcasses. Page 26–31

Nipot O. E., Shapkina O. O., Zubov P. M., Orlova N. V., Shpakova N. M.
The role of the dehydration stage in the post-hypertonic hemolysis of mammalian erythrocytes. Page 32–36

Sachko S. R., Vudmaska I. V., Nevostruyeva I. V., Sachko R. G., Petruk A. P.
Effect of hop cones and vitamin E on ketogenesis and antioxidant status in transition dairy cows. Page 37–40

Nikolaeva Yu. V., Danchenko O. O.
Features of the influence of oat extract on the antioxidant activity of goose liver. Page 41–45

Bezpalyi I. F., Postoienko V. O., Merzlov S. V., Korol-Bezpala L. P.
Development of technology and doses of native and immobilized invertase in beekeeping. Page 46–50