BT 2017 19 1Bìol. Tvarin. 2017; 19 (1)

The Animal Biology, Vol. 19, no. 1, 2017 




Arnauta O. V., Kalachniuk L. H.
Perspectives of studying causes and consequences of the mass death of honeybees. Page 9–15

Babkina M. M., Vasylchenko O. V., Deriabin O. M., Tarasov A. A., Golovko A. M., Palchykovska L. G.
Determination of antibacterial propertiesof triazines in regards to Salmonella typhimurium. Page 16–23

Birta G., Burgu Yu., Kaynash A., Ofilenko N.
The amino acids composition biological properties of meat in pigs of different breeds. Page 24–28

Vlizlo V. V., Ostapiv D. D., Chekh B. O., Nahornyak M. I., Oleksa V. V.
Cytotoxicity of nanopolymers in complexes with microelements. Page 29–36

Galat V. F., Chorniy V. A.
Intensity of immunity indices in the treatment of sheep cestodosis. Page 37–43

Danshin V. O., Ruban S. Y., Afanasenko V. Y.
Evaluation of breeding values of sires and cows in dairy breeds. Page 44–53

Kozlenko T. G., Nedosekov V. V.
Dissemination of feline calicivirus disease in megalopolis. Page 54–58

Kopylchuk G. P., Voloshchuk O. M., Balandyuk O. V.
Biochemical markers of the functional liver state in rats with toxic hepatitis under the conditions of germanium citrate administration. Page 59–64

Lykhatskyi P. H., Fira L. S., Grytcishin L. E.
Biochemical mechanisms of stress development in rats of different age groups under the influence of sodium nitrite with the tobacco intoxication background. Page 65–72

Niedźwiedź А., Borowicz H., Maksymovych I., Slivinskа L., Kubiak K.
Bronchoalveolar lavage in the diagnosis of respiratory diseases in horses. Page 73–82

Perig J.
Comparative analysis of research of acute toxicity of antihelmintic phytopreparation “Shchytnyk” by classical and alternative methods. Page 83–87

Plysiuk V. N., Tsvilikhovski M. I.
Diagnostics of fibrotic changes in myocardium of home-grown cat under cardiomyopathy. Page 88–92

Rivis Y. F., Yanovych N. E.
Peculiarities of non-etherified fatty acids content in carp gills at different concentration of Copper and Zinc in the water. Page 93–99

Ruban S., Fedota O., Lysenko N., Kolіsnik A., Goraichuk І., Ponko L.
Association of single nucleotide polymorphism in the calpain/calpastatin system genes with quantitative traits of Aberdeen-Angus. Page 100–110

Suprovich T., Mokhnachova N.
Gene polymorphism of economically-useful traits in Ukrainian gray cattle breed. Page 111–118

Khariv M., Gutyj B.
Dynamics of phagocytic activity of neutrophils in rats under oxidative stress and the action of liposomal preparation. Page 119–124

Khrabko M. I., Fedoruk R. S., Khrabko M. I., Martsinko E. E., Denys H. H.
Microelements content in tissues of female F0 rats and F1 males at the watering of nano and chemically synthesized germanium citrate.  Page 125–134