BT 2019 21 2Bìol. Tvarin. 2018; 20 (1)

The Animal Biology, Vol. 20, no. 1, 2018 




Babkina M. M., Vasylchenko O. V., Deriabin O. M., Tarasov A. A., Golovko A. M., 
Palchykovska L. G.

Investigation of the antibacterial action of modified heterocyclic compounds of substituted acridones against Staphylococcus aureus. Page 9–15

Barylo Y. O., Loboiko Y. V.
The comparison of qualitative composition of the muscle tissue of brown trout, rainbow trout and brook trout. Page 16–22G

olopura S. I., Popadiuk B. V., Tsvilihovsky M. I.
The influence of phospholipid-containing preparations on the level of immunoglobulin M in the serum of blood of calves during the period of formation of colostral immunity. Page  23–27

Dziuba V. O., Kuchmenko O. B., Yakoviichuk O. V.
Status of prooxidative-antioxidative balance and activity of Krebs cycle enzymes in liver, heart and kidney tissues for action of various cumulative doses of doxorubicin. Page 28–39


Dronyk G. V., Chorna I. V., Rogozynskyi M. S.
Safety assessment of Roundup ready soybean. Page 40–48

Zastulka О.
The ways to reduce contamination of microscopic fungi in bee pollen. Page 49–53

Kozak M. R., Martyn Yu. V., Oliynyk A. V., Kuzmina N. V., Ostapiv D. D., Pajuk O. L., Mitina N. E., Zaichenko O. S., Vlizlo V. V.
Histomorphology of organs and activity of some enzymes in mice after immunization with polymer based on acrylic acid or aluminum hydroxide as adjuvants. Page 54–59

Matiukha І., Vischur O., Broda N., Mudrak D., Sobko G.
Еffectivity of “Antimast” on blood antioxidant profile and lipid peroxides content in dairy cows with subclinical mastitis. Page 60–69

Oziransky Yu., Kolesnyk N., Symon М., Kim S. I., Коnonenko R., Shcherbak S., Fedorenko М.
Indigenous freshwater ichthyofauna of Israel (review). Page 70–96

Pivtorak Y. I., Povroznyk G. V.
Influence of probiotic feed additive “Propoul PLV” on the morpho-productive and quality indexes of quail eggs and derivability of chickens. Page 97–102

Pikhtirova А. V., Ivchenco V. D.
Comparative characteristics of hair cuticle microscopic structure of some species of agricultural animals. Page  103–109

Plys V. M.
Features of microbiocenosis of the poultry organism with the mixed pasteurellosis and ascaridosis disease. Page 110–115

Rublenko I. A., Skripnik V. G.
Study of stability of experimental living vaccine against animal anthrax with strаin UA–07 “Antravak” (18 months after production). Page 116–122

Shtapenko O. V., Gevkan I. I., Slyvchuk Yu. I.
Time-dependent cytotoxicity of cadmium chloride on cells in vitro. Page 123–129