BT 2019 21 1Bìol. Tvarin. 2019; 21 (1)

The Animal Biology, Vol. 21, no. 1, 2019 



Andriichuk A., Tkachenko H., Tkachova I., Matiukha I.
Hematological changes and resistance of erythrocytes of horses in response to 32 km races. Page 7–13

Dovhanyuk V. V., Rosalovsky V. P., Salyha Yu. T.
Influence of chlorpyrifos on some physiological and biochemical indices of Danio rerio. Page 14–20

Karami M., Bagheri M.
Color characteristics of goat meat under dietary regime. Page 21–26

Koba L. V., Nipot O. E., Shapkina O. O., Zhujkova A. E., Bondarenko V. A.
The age features of rat erythrocytes. Page 27–33

Morozov B. S.
Epizootic situation as to echinococcosis in Sumy region. Page 34–39

Orobchenko O. L., Romanko M. Y., Koreneva Y. M., Kutsan O. T.
Toxicodynamics of Bromine in rats under an acute poisoning with sodium bromide. Page 40–47

Romanovich N. N., Kurtyak B. M., Romanovich M. S., Vishchur O. I, Mudrak D. I., Matiukha I. O.
Dynamics of intensity of the protein oxidative modification processes and the state of the antioxidant protection system of chicken-broilers under the effect of BPS-44 and the dried preparations of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Page 48–54

Slivinskа L. G., Maksymovych I. А.
Correction of electrolyte imbalance in sport horses. Page 55–64

Starodub L. F., Kaplinskiy V. V., Bilyak M. V.
Features of karyotype descendants of wild horse — tarpan of Yavoriv national natural park, a component of “Roztochchya” international biosphere reservation under UNESCO aegis. Page 65–72