BT 2019 21 3Bìol. Tvarin. 2019; 21 (3)

The Animal Biology, Vol. 21, no. 3, 2019 




Bogatko N. M.
Determination of the security criterion in the content of conventional animals by the improved horizontal method of Listeria monocytogenes detection. Page 9–13

Voloshchuk O. M., Kopylchuk G. P.
Activity of the liver mitochondrial aspartate aminotransferase and malate dehydrogenase in rats with toxic hepatitis under conditions of alimentary protein deficiency. Page 14–20

Honcharov S. L.
The seasonal dynamics of the cryptocotyle invasion of Gobiidae fishes by the trematoda Cryptokotyle Lühe, 1899 (Trematoda: Heterophyidae) in the estuary waters and in the Black Sea area of Southern Ukraine. Page 21–27

DanilovI. S.DanilovT. M.
Vitamin composition of snail meat after thermal processing
. Page 28–32

Dvylyuk I. I.Kovalchuk I. I.Dvylyuk I. V.
Features of functioning of the reproductive system of honey bees queen after feeding the silver and copper citrate-based nanoparticles. Page 33–41

Kornyat S., Sharan М., Оstapiv D., Korbetskyy A., Jaremchuk І., Andrushko O.
Blood indices in cows with different physiological and pathological states of the ovaries. Page 42–46

Kucheruk M., Vygowska L.
Laboratory and production testing of the postibiotic’s effectiveness
. Page 47–55

Matiukha I., Broda N.Mudrak D., Smolyaninov K.
Nonspecific resistanse in heifers and calves under conditions of technogenic load and under the influence of correction factors
. Page 56–60

Mudroň P.
Haptoglobin concentrations in blood of dairy cows with inflammatory diseases. Page 61–64

Omelchenko N., Dronyk G.Kukovska I.Mikheev A.
Influence of traditional and genetically modified soybeans on the functional status of the excretory system in three generations of laboratory animals. Page 65–73

Simonov M., Stybel V., Petrukh I., Vlizlo V.
Status of carbohydrate metabolism in dairy cows with ketosis
. Page 74–78

Fedoryshyn S. I., Matiukha I. O., Broda N. A.Mudrak D. I.
Dynamics of non-specific resistance in pigs after action of new immunotropic drugs. Page 79–86

Jaremko О., Pelenio R.
Vitamin B6 content in colostrum and milk of cows and blood of calves during milking period under hydrochloride pyridoxine influence
. Page 87–92

Abstracts of reports of the ХVIII All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference of young scientists
“Young Scientists in The Solution of Actual Problems of Biology, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine”
dedicated to the 90th anniversary of birth of Volodymyr Skorokhid (1929–2008)
(December 5–6, 2019, Lviv, Ukraine). Page 93–172