BT 2017 19 2Bìol. Tvarin. 2017; 19 (2)

The Animal Biology, Vol. 19, no. 2, 2017 



Akymyshyn M. M.
Malate dehydrogenase activity and isozyme content in uterus and ovarian tissues of cows during estral cycle. Page 9–15

Golopura S. I., Marinyuk M. O., Tsvilikhovsky M. I.
Expression of imunoreceptor proteins in plasmolemma of enterocytes in formation of colostric immunity in newborn calves. Page 16–22

Hultyayeva O. V., Petruk A. P., Vlizlo V. V.
Effect of fat content in cows diet and pH of rumen on ruminal fermentation and fatty acid composition of milk fat. Page 23–29

Dvylyuk I. I., Kovalchuk I. I.
Reproductive ability of bee queens at the conditions of feeding citrates of Argentum and Cuprum. Page 30–36

Zinovyev S. G., Shostya A. M.
Amino acid composition of pigs’ meat at using GM soy in their diets. Page 37–43

Kruchynenko O. V., Skrypka M. V., Panikar I. I.
Features of the pathological changes in the intestinal wall at gastrointestinal strongylyatosis of cattle. Page 44–49

Kurbatova I. M.
Blood plasma protein of carp under the influence of sulfanilamide. Page 50–55

Kurtа Kh., Malysheva O., Spyrydonov V.
Optimization of polymerase chain reaction conditions for studies of paddlefish (Polyodon spathula) microsatellite DNA. Page 56–63

Mazur A. A., Nipot E. Ye., Orlova N. V., Shpakova N. M.
Comparative study of sensitivity of bovine and ram erythrocytes to post-hypertonic shock. Page 64–69

Malysheva Kh. V., Pavlenko O. K., Stoika R. S., Korchynskyi O. G.
ShRNA-mediated knockdown of pituitary tumor transforming gene 1 (PTTG1): optimization of the effect on early osteoblast differentiation. Page 70–78

Mezhenskyi A. A.
Indicators of humoral immunity at horses with different courses of uveitis. Page 79–86

Odnosum H. V., Yefimenko Т. М., Soroka N. М.
Dynamics of bees extinction under condition of their invasion with different doses of spores of Nosema apis and Nosema ceranae. Page 87–93

Ostapiv R., Skyba Chr., Manko V.
Influence of low doses of taurine on antioxidant defense and lipoprotein composition in rat blood. Page 94–100

Plys V. M.
Epizootic situation of the mixed pasteurellosis and ascaridosis disease of poultry in Ukraine for the years 2012–2016. Page 101–105

Rosalovsky V. P.
Effect of 5-day exposure of vitamin A and E on status of red blood cell antioxidant system and hematological parameters of rats intoxicated by chlorpyrifos. Page 106–114

Umanska A. A., Melnychuk D. A., Melnychuk S. D., Kalachniuk L. H., Morozova V. S.
Indicies of fatty acids spectrum of lipids in the blood serum of rats under conditions of artificial hypobiosis. Page 115–120

Shtapenko O.
The influence of surfaces modified by different polymeric substances on the growth of mouse embryonic fibroblasts cell line NIH3T3. Page 121–126