BT 2017 19 3Bìol. Tvarin. 2017; 19 (3)

The Animal Biology, Vol. 19, no. 3, 2017 



Bityutskyy V. S., Tsekhmistrenko О. S., Tsekhmistrenko S. I., Spyvack M. Y., Shadura U. M.
Perspectives of cerium nanoparticles use in agriculture. Page 9–17

Blayda I. M.
Metabolism in organism of replacement gilts by fededing with probiotic feed “Propig”. Page 18–24

Grabovska S. V.
Neurophysiological disorders in female rats and their offspring after chlorpyrifos intoxication prior to fertilisation. Page 25–35

Dzitsiuk V., Peredriy M.
The inner-breed karyotype variability of the cows of the Ukrainian Red-Brown dairy cattle breed with a varying degree of affinity. Page 36–41

Ivanytska А. I., Lesyk Ya. V., Tsap M. M.
The effect of silicon compounds on immunophysiological reactivity of rabbits. Page 42–49

Kibkalo D. V.
Analysis of cytokins status in blood serum of cows with subclinical form of ketosis. Page 50–54

Oksamytnyi V. M.
Interferons: application in veterinary medicine. Page 55–68

Pelekhaty М., Piddubna L., Kochuk-Yashchenko A., Kucher D.
Comparative characteristics of first-calf cows productivity of modern dairy breeds under the condition of one farm. Page 69–76

Pinchuk S. M., Mylostyva D. F.
Composition of lipids of blood of piglets under influence of microelements and “Humilid”. Page 77–81

Ruban G. V., Yakoviichuk A. V., Galko T. I., Danchenko O. A.
Features of vitamin E antioxidant effect on oxidative damage of geese meat. Page 82–87

Sysolyatin S. V.
The content of fatty acids in the bodies of Cyprinus carpio L. in different conditions of life. Page 88–98

Slyvchuk Y. I., Syrvatka V. Y., Hevkan I. I., Shtapenko O. V., Matiukha I. O., Milovanova G. O., 
Slyvchuk O. Y.

Dynamics of biochemical indices in blood during early pregnancy in rabbits under the influence of different forms of stabilized gonadotropic preparations. Page 99–106

Stefanyshyn О. М., Hunchak А. V., Lukovska O. I., Sirko Ya. M., Kystsiv V. О., Lisna B. B., 
Koretchuk S. I.

Influence of preparations of “Activo” and “Propoul” on composition of caecums microflora in Pharaon breed quails and their productivity. Page 107–114

Fedoruk R. S., Tesarivska U. I., Khrabko M. I., Tsap M. M., Dolaychuk O. P., Kropyvka S. I.
Haematological and biochemical parameters of the F2 rats’ organism in a period of prolonged watering of nano-Ge citrate. Page 115–121

Shatynska O. A., Iskra R. Ya., Svarchevska O. Z.
Effects of the complex of magnesium and chromium citrates on the carbohydrate metabolism in the blood of rats with experimental diabetes mellitus. Page 122–127