BT 2018 20 2Bìol. Tvarin. 2018; 20 (2)

The Animal Biology, Vol. 20, no. 2, 2018 




Bobritska O., Yugay K., Vodopyanova L., Zhukova I.
Influence of electromagnetic radiation of “Parkes-L” device on morphological composition of blood and parameters of natural resistance in dogs. Page 9–14

Bomko V. S., Kropyvka Yu. G., Bomko L. G.
Zinc metabolism in high yielding dairy cows when fed mixed-ligand complexes of zinc, manganese and cobalt. Page 15–23

Galatiuk O. E., Kalnaus O. R., Volynets V. O., Kucheryavenko O. O.
Application of the polyvalent inactivated vaccine (Equi option) against equine leptospirosis. Page 24–29

Harasym N. P., Bishko-Moskalyuk O. I., Shumska A. M., Sanahursky D. I.
Structural changes in rats kidneys under the influence of histamine and sodium hypochlorite.  Page 30–42

Hunchak R. V., Sedilo H. M.
Iodine aqua citrate impact on metabolic processes and productive qualities of piglets in nursery. Page 43–50

Kurta Kh., Malysheva O., Babenko V., Spyrydonov V.
Peculiarities of the genetic structure of paddlefish (Polyodon spathula) of Chernihіv population. Page 51–57

Medvid S. M., Hunchak A. V., Stefanyshyn O. M., Pashchenko A. G.
The impact of microelement nanoparticle citrates on protein metabolism intensity in tissues of broiler chicken and their productivity. Page 58–64

Pelenio R. A.
Indicators of non-specific immunity of piglets at mixed nematode and protozoa invasion. Page 65–70

Stapay P., Paraniak N., Tkachuk V., Stakhiv N.
The content and composition of lipids of the longest back muscle in young sheep of different age under conditions of intensive fattening. Page 71–76

Suleimanova R. R.
Activity of some transferases in the blood serum of sterlet of different age. Page 77–81

Tushak S. F., Romanishina T. O., Rybachuk Zh. V., Lemeshynska L. F.
Changes in the number of hemolymph in bees after the use of biostimulator “Biocontact plus”. Page 82–88

Chala I., Rusak V., Chuprun L., Kovalyov P.
The lipids peroxidation and some biological indexes of blood in cats with liver diseases. Page 89–96