BT 2018 20 4  Bìol. Tvarin. 2018; 20 (4)

The Animal Biology, Vol. 20, no. 4, 2018 



Voloshchuk O. M., Kopylchuk G. P.
Copper metabolism in rats under toxic injury by acetaminophen on the background of alimentary protein deficiency. Page  9–15
Danilchenko A., Nedosekov V.
Epizootic situation on animal rabies in the northern and western regions of Ukraine.Page  16–19
Dzitsiuk V. V., Tіpіlo H. T., Huzeyev Yu. V
Polymorphism of nucleus organizer regions in chromosomes of river buffalo (Bubalus bubalis L.).Page  20–25

Ivanytska A. I., Lesyk Ya. V., Tsap M. M..
The effect of silicon compounds on resistance of the rabbits.Page  26–33
Kostenko S. O.
Aquaculture objects DNA vaccination. Page  34–43
Omelchenko N. M., Dronik G. V.
Distribution of genetically modified plants and safety of their use in the food and agricultural industry. Page  44–54
Sisyuk Yu. O., Kravchenko-Dovga Yu. V., Karpovsky V. I., Danchuk O. V., Zhurenko O. V.
The influence of high nervous activity type on superoxide dismutase activity and content of Copper and Zinc in the blood of cows. Page  55–60

Sushko O. O., Iskra R. Ya., Pryimych V. I.
Influence of chromium citrate on antioxidant defense in the liver of rats with experimentally induced diabetes. Page  61–68

Chorna I. V., Dronyk G. V.
Metabolism of nitrogen compounds in three generations of rats under the influence of glyphosate-resistant genetically modified soy and Roundup herbicide. Page  69–73
Shulika L. V.
Quantitative trait loci polymorphism in the reserve population of dual-purpose chickens. Page  74–80

Abstracts of reports of the XVII All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference of Young Scientists
“Young Scientists in the Solution of actual Problems of Biology, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine”
(December 6–7, 2018, Lviv). Page  81–155