BT 2015 17 1
Bìol. Tvarin. 2015, 17 (1)

The Animal Biology, Vol. 17, no. 1, 2015




Bagday T. V., Snitinsky V. V., Antonyak H. L., Oleksiuk N. P.
Effect of Cadmium and Chromium(VI) on antioxidant system in carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)  blood cells


Broshkov M. M.
Dynamics of cell immunity of the puppies during two months of their life



Volkov A. M.
Method for determining virulence of pathogens of tinea animals



Gavrylin P., Perepechaeva N., Tishkina N.
Age changes in cattle lymph node histoarchitectonics in postnatal ontogenesis



Gunchak А. V., Ratych І. B.
Deposition of thyroid hormones in the bird eggs and impact on embryo development



Danchuk О. V., Dobrovolsky V. A., Chepurna V. A., Savchuk L. B., Karpovsky V. І.,
Karpovskyy P. І., Skripkin V. M., Landsman A. О.

Content of TBA-active products in erythrocytes of pigs with different types of higher nervous activity



Dzen Ye. O., Luchka I. V., Salyha Y. T., Malyk O. G.
Certain biochemical parameters and activity of antioxidant enzymes in bull blood under the influence of chelate chromium compounds



Zhyla M. I.
Histological structure of separate internal organs of piglets at application of probiotic feed additive



Koberska V. А.
Effect of L-carnitine in the composition of the diet bulls on lipid content and quality of sperm

Kutsan A. Т., Orobchenko A. L., Romanko M. Ye.
Copper toxicokinetics in rats under prolonged administration of metal nanocomposites (Ag, Cu, Fe, Mn dioxide) with food metal nanocomposites (Ag, Cu, Fe, Mn dioxide) with food

Ohorodnyk N. Z., Vischur O. I., Mizyk V. P.
The state of natural mechanisms of defence of weaning-piglets for actions of immunotropic preparation



Ratskyy M. I., Vischur O. I., Smolyaninov K. B., Broda N. A., Leshovska N. M., Mudrak D. I.
Nonspecific resistance in piglets’ blood with colienterotoxemia and for specific action of gamma globulin

Simonov M.
Effect of the “Remivital” on parameters of carbohydrate metabolism in cows affected with ketosis



Skrypka G. A., Kasyanchuk V. V.
Comparative analysis of organochlorine and organophosphorus pesticides in honey and bee products

Slyvka І. M., Tsisaryk O. Y., Bocer T.
The isolation and identification of lactic acid bacteria using the RFLP-PCR method of the gene 16 rRNA

Smolyaninova Е. I., Shigimaga V. A., Strikha O. A., Popivnenko L. I., Gordienko Е. А.
The stage of murine oocyte maturation correlates with their electric conductivity

Tkachov А. V., Zhukova I. A.
Influence of most forage mycotoxins admissible concentration on horses artificial insemination efficiency

Fedorko A. S., Danchenko O. O., Nikolaeva Yu. V., Yakoviychuk A. V.
Fatty acid composition of tissue lipids in goslings and goose embryons

Fedoruk R. S., Romaniv L. I., Kovalchuk I. I.
The content of certain heavy metals in tissues and products of honey-bees under the condition of their feeding with native soy flour adding chloride and aquanano chrome citrate

Kharchenko N.
Adjustment of state of vaccinated animal organism with immynomodulators on the example of “Amiksyn” after applying the complex vaccines “Hiprabovis-4” to young cattle

Khomyn M. M., Fedoruk R. S., Kropyvka S. Y.
Biochemical processes in the cows and biological value of milk under influence of Chromium, Selenium, Cobalt and Zinc citrates

Shcherbakova I. V.
Changes in the concentration of follicle stimulating hormone and estradiol in domestic cats during estrus cycle and in applying of synthetic analogue of progesterone