BT 2019 21 4Bìol. Tvarin. 2019; 21 (4)

The Animal Biology, Vol. 21, no. 4, 2019 



Buriachenko S. V., Stegniy B. T.
The research of epizootic situation of avian influenza H1N1 and H7N9 in subtypes variability on the territory of Ukraine. Page 9–17

Vovkohon A.
Some indexes of carbohydrate metabolism in mice under action of modified pectin. Page 18–21

Honcharov S. L.
The association of eustrongylidosis with other types of parasitic invasions of the predatory fishes in the natural waters of southern Ukraine. Page 22–30

Ivanitskaya A. I., Lesyk Y. V., Denys H. H.
Influence of silicon compounds on the mineral elements content in tissues of rabbits’ organism. Page 31–37

Kotyk B., Iskra R., Sushko O., Slivinska O., Klymets G., Buchko O., Pylypets A., Pryimych V.
Effect of ethylthiosulfаnylate and Chrome(VI) on the pro/antioxidant system in rats blood. Page 38–45

Kuzmina N., Ostapiv D.
Superroxiddysmutase isoforms in tissues of reproductive organs of bulls
. Page 46–50

Lesyk Y. V., Luchka I. V., Bosanevych N. O., Denys H. H., Grabovska O. S.
Resistance of the rabbit organism under effect of different amounts of nano zinc citrate and its combination with cobalt and chrome citrate. Page 51–57

Lobachova I. V., Yakovchuk V. S.
The addition of stimulation scheme with anti-esterase substances improves the ewe lambing rate
. Page 58–64

Martyshuk T. V., Gutyj B. V., Vishchur O. I.
Morphological and biochemical indices of piglets’ blood under the action of feed additive “Butaselmevit-plus”. Page 65–70

Mudroň P.
Effects of tetracycline injection on blood calcium and ruminal activity in sheep. Page 71–74

Suprovych T. M., Vishchur O. I., Suprovych M. P., Chepurna V. A.
Relationship between alleles of gene BoLa-DRB3 and somatic cells amount in milk of ukrainian black-and-white dairy breed. Page 75–83

Chabanenko O. O., Yershova N. A., Orlova N. V., Shpakova N. M.
Effect of sodium decyl sulfate and chlorpromazine on posthypertonic shock of mammalian red blood cells
. Page 84–90